Research and Economy

Composed of more than 25 participants from the region, Research teams are fundamental in the advisory that Credicorp Capital provides to its clients.


Equity Research

The Equity Research area is composed of more than 15 participants in the region, and it is responsible for generating analysis, performing valuation forecasts and models for the main companies listed in the stock exchange of the Andean region. To this aim, there are 82 companies covered at regional level grouped in 14 areas.

Fixed Income Research

The Fixed Income Research area is composed of 6 participants in the region and monitors and forecasts the performance of domestic and Latin American corporate bonds traded in global markets. This is performed based on models for more than 50 companies under complete coverage, analyzing and forecasting the main credit metrics, and assessing the main credit and interest rates risks. Furthermore, a sectorial analysis of the fixed income market in general is performed.

Macro Research

Our Economy department performs macroeconomic analysis, regionally coordinated, to have a detailed vision of the economic situation of each country in the Andean region, and a general vision of the rest of the world. Its core value lies in delivering the key variables forecast to our clients, such as activity, inflation, interest rates figures, amongst others. Furthermore, special studies of relevant matters are conducted on current and structural issues. Based on this information, Research areas identify investment opportunities for each type of client of Credicorp Capital: domestic and foreign institutions, corporations, Family Offices, and individuals. Reports and presentations are usually made both in English and Spanish to reach our clients in a clearer and more direct fashion.