Capital Markets

We are leaders in the Chilean capital market. Since our foundation in 1985, we have steadily increased our market share in the variable and fixed income and derivatives structuring markets.


We are the main player in the fixed income market, having been the number one in the secondary corporate bonds market, and number one in the amount of structuring and placement of corporate bonds operations every single year during the past decade. Just since 2007 up to the date we have placed US$ 4.5 billion in company bonds.

During the past years, Credicorp Capital has practically doubled its market share in the variable income market. By the end of 2014, it positioned as one of the top five players. It also reached the first place in the MILA 2013 and 2014 market. The abovementioned supports an outstanding career as a stock broker, placement agent in IPOs, placement of stock, capital increase and public offerings.

The Capital Market area, composed of a trading and distribution team of around 30 people, is in permanent contact and has deep knowledge of the domestic and foreign institutional investors, which has enabled a consistent reading of the market and, therefore, a successful ability to structure and place different instruments in the capital market.

Likewise, the profound knowledge of markets of our Research Department as well as their ability to detect opportunities in variable and fixed income allows us to offer our clients investment opportunities with above market returns and hedged risk levels.